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Last Updated: 2019-06-15

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  • Virginia Workers’ Compensation Acknowledgement of Compliance

    Effective in 2017, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has changed procedures for contractors certifying compliance with the Code of Virginia §58.1-3714 and §58.1-3715 which are necessary prior to obtaining a local business license. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission will issue a compliance acknowledgement number that must be provided to the business licensing authority when applying for or renewing a local business license. To obtain a Workers’ Compensation compliance acknowledgement number you may apply for the number at and follow these easy steps:

    • Complete the online Contractor’s Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Form 61A.
    • Submit the form online, print, save, or download the acknowledgement of compliance.
    • Provide a copy of the compliance acknowledgement number to the City of Richmond, Business Unit, room 103 when applying for or renewing the Business License.

    The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission will continue to accept paper filings which will be handled manually and the acknowledgement will be returned to you by mail. If you have questions regarding this change in procedure or the requirements of the commission, you may contact the Virginia Workers Compensation insurance Department at or (804) 205-3586.

All Finance forms are for the current year unless otherwise noted.


Human Resources

Unless otherwise noted, documents are in PDF format.

** 'Employees Only' for All other Forms please refer to StarNet.

Minority Business


image: Carver Parking Permit

Carver Restricted Parking

    These permits expire December 31, 2021

image: Jackson Ward Parking Permit

Jackson Ward Restricted Parking

    These permits expire Aug 31, 2021.

image: Randolph Parking Permit

Randolph Restricted Parking

    These permits expire July 31, 2021.

image: South Mulberry Parking Permit

South Mulberry Restricted Parking

    These permits expire July 31, 2021.


Planning and Development Review

    Building Trades

    Construction, Demolition and Occupancy

    Other Forms and Documents


Please return the completed Home/Business Vacation Watch Form to the Precinct in which you reside or do business.

First Precinct
2501 Q St.
Phone: 646-3602
Fax: 646-3580

Second Precinct
177 Belt Blvd.
Phone: 646-8093
Fax: 646-8199

Third Precinct
301 S. Meadow St.
Phone: 646-1412
Fax: 646-1630

Fourth Precinct
2219 Chamberlayne Ave.
Phone: 646-4105
Fax: 646-4106

Please return the completed Extra-Duty or Funeral Escort forms to:

Sgt. Robert Kin, Outside Employment Coordinator
200 W. Grace St.
Office: (804)646-0445
Fax: (804)646-0446


Public Art Commission

Public Works


Retirement Application Forms

General Forms

Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) Forms and Information

Sheriff's Office

Urban Design Committee

Contact Information:

City of Richmond
900 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: 3-1-1

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