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Last Updated: 2010-01-08

In July of 2014 the City of Richmond entered into an five year contract with Carter, Goble, Lee (CGL) to provide Facility Maintenance for the Richmond City Justice Center.

CGL’s goal as the maintenance provider is to have a positive impact on the life and operation of the facility that allows the Justice Center staff to work without operational interference. CGL's comprehensive approach to jail maintenance applies an institutional knowledge of the long term maintenance needs to ensure the Richmond City Justice Center performs consistently and without failure of any major systems or components.

CGL’s facility maintenance program includes:

  • Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for all Buildings Systems and Equipment
  • Energy Management
  • Warranty Follow-Up
  • Budgeting
  • Computerized Maintenance Management
  • 24 hour Emergency Service

CGL provides response and completion of an average of:

  • 6,312 corrective work orders per year
  • 100% completion rate of Preventive maintenance work orders per month.

This incredible amount of work occurred in 635,362 man-hours, averaging only 1.34 hours per work order.

CGL's service meets all of Virginia DOC requirements of operations and response, and continually receives high performance ratings from DOC.

CGL Facilities Maintenance

For more information on CGL and of their services provided here at RCJC, visit

For Inquiries or additional information, contact the Facility Management at 804-646-6257 or 804-646-6256.

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