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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
ABC Licenses for Business Operations The Commonwealth of Virginia's Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board grants licenses to sell alcohol. The city also levies a business license fee for those businesses with ABC permits. The ABC Board can be reached at (804)213-4400 or through their Information Line at (800)552-3200. Not a City Service 2009-11-01
Abused/Neglected Children (State of Virginia) To report cases of child abuse or neglect in Richmond, please call the Virginia Department of Social Services Child Protective Services' 24-hour hotline at (800)552-7096. The city's customer service number for Child Protective Services during business hours is (804)646-0438. Not a City Service 2010-04-28
Adult Education Richmond Public Schools offers an Adult Education Program. Please call (804)780-8311 for more information. Richmond Public Schools 2009-11-01
Aid-To-Dependent Children The Department of Social Services determines a citizen's eligibility to receive financial assistance for many basic human needs. Food stamps, fuel assistance, Medicaid, general relief, and other public assistance programs are available for those who qualify. Contact the Department of Social Services at the location nearest you.
Downtown at 900 E. Marshall St., Richmond, VA 23219
(804)646-7212Map It
East District Office at 701 N. 25th St., Richmond, VA 23223 (804)646-5503Map It
Southside Community Center at 4100 Hull St Rd., Richmond, VA 23224(804)646-8800 Map It
Department of Social Services 2009-11-01
AIDS, HIV, STDs The Richmond Health Department offers free, confidential testing, treatment, and counseling to prevent the spread of AIDS/HIV and STDs. Call (804)646-6855 or visit the clinic at 400 E. Cary St., Richmond, VA 23219Map It Richmond Health Department 2009-11-01
Alcohol Abuse The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority at assists city residents with alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse situations. Call (804)819-4000 for information or assistance. The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority can also be reached through their 24 hour Crisis Number at (804)819-4100 Richmond Behavioral Health Authority 2010-04-28
Ambulance Authority The Richmond Ambulance Authority is an independent organization providing first aid, life support and transportation services for citizens in emergency situations. Two members of the City Council and two representatives of the City Administrator serve on the Board of the Richmond Ambulance Authority. Their offices are located at 2400 Hermitage Road, Richmond, Virginia 23220Map It.
Emergencies: 911
Office Number: (804)254-1150
Fax: (804)254-1149
Richmond Ambulance Authority 2009-11-01
Animal Bite (Report a Bite) The Department of Public Health, Environmental Control Team, investigates all reports of dog bites and can be reached at Environmental Health (804)205-3912. Department of Public Health 2009-11-01
Attorney's Office The City Attorney provides legal services to city administration and elected officials. A citizen may file a claim for loss or injury against the city. All claims should be mailed to the Office of the City Attorney, City Hall, 900 E. Broad St., Richmond, Virginia 23219 Map It at the above address.
Customer Service:(804)646-7940
Fax: (804)646-6653
City Attorney's 2009-11-01
Assessments All property in the City of Richmond is assessed yearly by the Office of the Assessor. Assessment is a process by which the fair market value of a piece of real estate is determined. Office of the Assessor 2009-11-02
Abatement of Real Estate Partial exemption from Real Property Taxes for subject properties. Office of the Assessor 2009-11-02
Assessment Appeal Process of Real Estate Annually any property owner, or their duly authorized agent, may appeal, or request a review of their real property assessment(s). Office of the Assessor 2009-11-02
Animal Care And Control Providing humane care for stray, abused and lost animals. Animal Care & Control 2010-04-28
Animal Licenses Owners of cats and dogs are required to purchase an annual license for each animal they own. Download your dog/cat License Application. Animal breeding permits are additionally required if pets are over age four months and are not spayed/neutered. Chicken hen coops and pens must be pre-approved by a permit prior to installation or usage. For more information, dial 311 and speak to an operator. Animal Care & Control 2018-01-26
Adopt a Pet This service provides adoption of pets from our shelter. Animal Care & Control 2018-01-26
Abuse, Waste and Fraud The City Auditor's Office provides internal auditing services and financial consulting to city departments and agencies. The office also investigates allegations of fraud, embezzlement, and abuse. The Auditor's Office supports a hotline so that citizens and employees may report suspected unlawful and wasteful acts committed by city employees. Address is Suite 806, City Hall, 900 E. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219.Map It
Hotline: (804)646-5697
Customer Service: (804)646-5616
Fax: (804)646-2230
City Auditor's Office 2009-11-02
Adopt-a-Spot The Richmond Clean City Commission's Adopt-A-Spot / Street Program wants you to help clean up Richmond. Clean City Commission 2009-08-21
Auctions The City of Richmond auctions city vehicles, furniture and other surplus city property. See the classified advertisements in the Free Press for the location and dates of those auctions. To get on the mailing list, call Motley's Group at (804)355-2100. For real estate actions, see the "City Sells" section of this guide. Economic & Community Development 2018-06-05
Automobiles/Registration and License Fees All vehicles garaged within the city limits must be registered with the city of Richmond. This includes automobiles, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, campers and trailers. Military personnel, living in the city whose legal residence is not Virginia, are exempt from paying the registration fee. Finance 2009-11-02
Athletics Athletic programs are offered year round and serve thousands of youth a year. The department's athletic programs attract thousands of youth in activities that include football, basketball, tennis, disc golf, martial arts, track & field, boxing, swimming, cheerleading, baseball, soccer, and golf. The department publishes a Quarterly Activities Guide that lists community center sports, activities and other program information. For additional information or a schedule of events and classes, please call (804)646-5733. Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities 2009-11-02
Alley Maintenance (Private Property) Property owners are responsible for maintaining their alleys removing all excess brush and debris. To register a concern about the upkeep of private property, or to report excessive grass or weed growth (more than twelve inches high), please call the Department of Planning and Development Review, Property Maintenance Division, at (804)646-7448. Planning and Development Review 2009-08-21
Abandoned/Inoperable Motor Vehicles Public Property When a motor vehicle is left unattended or abandoned on the streets or other public property, it may be removed by the police and placed in storage. For vehicles on the streets or other public properties, call the City of Richmond Police Department at (804)646-5100. Police 2009-11-02
Alley Maintenance (Public Property) The City of Richmond provides surface maintenance to public alleys Public Works 2009-08-21
Abused/Neglected Children
(City of Richmond)
The Department of Social Services Children, Families, & Adults Division offers Child Protective Services (CPS). Staff receives, investigates, and assesses reports of alleged child abuse and/or neglect for children under age 18. In order to qualify for child protective services, the alleged abuser must be the parent or caretaker of the child. Social Services 2018-05-03
(Child Placement)
The Department of Social Services Children, Families, & Adults Division provides adoptive placements for children. They also conduct home studies on potential adoptive parents to match children with appropriate adoptive homes. Social Services 2018-05-03
Adult Services
(Disabled, Elderly, Homeless)
The Department of Social Services Children, Families, & Adults Division offers Adult Services to single adults who are disabled, elderly, homeless or displaced due to code enforcement actions can receive assistance in order to become self-sufficient and independent. Social Services 2018-05-03
(Senior Protective Services)
The Department of Social Services Children, Families, & Adults Division offers Adult Protective Services. Staff investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults aged 60 and over and incapacitated adults ages 18 and over. Social Services 2018-05-03
Auxiliary Grants
(Aged, Blind, Disabled)
The Department of Social Services Economic Support & Independence Division offers Auxiliary Grants for short-term supplemental income to individuals who are receiving Aged, Blind, and Disabled or Long Term Care services. Social Services 2018-05-03
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