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Last Updated: 2020-02-18

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Click here to see the Vision Zero Action Plan.

In February 2020 DPW Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Coordinator Jake Helmboldt discussed Vision Zero as a presenter in a Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) webinar sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety. Click here to listen to the presentation.

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Vision Zero Inaugural Event

According to the Vision Zero Network website, Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary global strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. First implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero has proved successful across Europe — and now it’s gaining momentum in major American cities.

The initiative aims to change the long-held belief and mindset that traffic fatalities and serious injuries are inevitable. Vision Zero espouses the belief that traffic related deaths and serious injuries are preventable.

Richmond’s commitment to Vision Zero is in alignment with the 9 components outlined by the Vision Zero Network.

Click to read the Fundamental Principles, Policies & Practices to Advance Vision Zero in the U.S.

Transparency is tied to responsiveness and good governance. All City agencies are committed to reporting the implementation process and progress of Vision Zero. The public will have access to a dashboard of fatality and serious injury statistics data prepared by the Richmond Police Department. The availability of good quality crash data increases civic engagement and enables Richmonders to identify issues that impact transportation safety in the City.

For a snapshot of crashes and injuries by year, click here.

Take the Safe and Healthy Streets Challenge

Click to read the Safe and Healthy Streets Commission Resolution.

I will challenge myself (including my family, my school, my place of worship, and my place of employment)
to do the following actions every trip to ensure that everyone arrives safely to their destination.

  • Wear our seat belts
  • Avoid distractions such as talking/texting on a cell phone, eating and reading while driving
  • Share the road with cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and large trucks
  • Never drink and drive
  • Obey posted speed limits

Together we can save lives and prevent injuries on our city streets.

Acepta el reto de calles seguras y saludables.

Click here to take the pledge!

        Enter your name and then send us the e-mail.

Leadership Talking Points for Safe and Healthy Streets


Each year, there are on average 2,700 injuries and 13 deaths on our city streets from crashes. We need to make this zero. None of it is acceptable on our city streets.


This month we are bringing awareness to:

    • JANUARY                

    People who walk


    People who drive unbelted

    • MARCH

    People who cross railroads

    • APRIL

    People who work on our roads

    • MAY

    People who bike

    • JUNE

    People who ride motorcycles

    • JULY

    People who drive impaired

    • AUGUST

    People who transport children


    People who walk


    People who drive drowsy


    People who drive impaired

Click to review the Talking Points

News Releases and Media Coverage

Event / Media
06/07/2019 Media Advisory City Transportation Engineer Receives Coveted Award for Vision Zero Initiative
05/11/2019 Media Advisory Renderings of Shockoe Valley Streets Improvement Project to be Available at
Upcoming Meeting
05/01/2018 Public Workshop Shockoe Valley Streets Improvement Project
01/17/2018 Public Meeting Greater Church Hill Transportation Improvement Project                     Flyer
11/01/2017 Times-Dispatch Editorial: Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney sticks to his knitting
10/27/2017 Media Advisory Mayor Signs Pledge for City's Participation in Vision Zero Initiative
10/27/2017 RVA Hub Mayor Stoney signs pledge to make Richmond a Vision Zero city with goal of
eliminating traffic deaths
10/27/2017 Times-Dispatch Mayor Stoney reaffirms Richmond's pledge to eliminate traffic-related injuries, fatalities
10/26/2017 Media Advisory Mayor Set to Sign Pledge for Citys Participation in Vision Zero Initiative
08/24/2017 WCVE 88.9 As Pedestrian Deaths Rise in Virginia, Advocates Push for Vision Zero

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