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Last Updated: 2020-05-28

Work may be delayed during inclement weather


The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the surface condition of streets, sidewalks, and alleys throughout the city.

By The Numbers

The Roadway Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s approximately 1,860 lane miles of roads and 836 lane miles of sidewalks. In addition, Roadway also maintains Richmond’s 3,000 alleys, which equate to 200 miles.

Alley Maintenance

Alley 1 Alley 2 Alley 3 Alley 4

                                                                        Alley Maintenance 

Alleys in Richmond allow access to the rear of many properties, as well as providing a hiding place for unsightly items such as overhead wires and refuse containers. As with streets, we are responsible for the surface condition of public alleys, which may involve regrading and adding stone, or patching asphalt if an alley is paved.

Did you know, as a City resident and/or property owner, some alley maintenance is your responsibility?

Per City Code §38-152, §38-154(d), it shall be a misdemeanor for any person who owns or occupies property within the City to permit any grass, plants, bushes, weeds or any other vegetation 12 inches high or over, other than trees, shrubbery, agricultural plants, garden vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants, to exist on any sidewalk, public right of way, or grass strip adjacent to such property or unimproved street or alley (to the centerline of such unimproved street or alley).

Pothole Maintenance

This Map shows our progress.

City Roadway Maintenance Division crews repair potholes all year, even during winter months, in order to keep the roads safe for City residents and visitors. Approximately 22,000 potholes are filled annually.

During the winter months DPW holds a “Pothole-palooza” in which crews fill as many potholes as they can over the course of a few days. Those repairs, however, are temporary due to the winter weather. Permanent repair work begins in March.

Men at work Residents are encouraged to take action and report all potholes by calling
3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000 or via online request at

You can report a pothole location 24 hours a day on-line using you can call in a request using the city's 3-1-1 Customer Care system during business hours.

When winter ends and the temperature rises, our crews step up their pothole repair efforts. During this accelerated repair period, DPW also conducts more road inspections to ensure all required repairs are identified. Permanent repairs and improvements are scheduled for the annual paving season which runs from April 1 through the end of October, weather permitting.
                                                                                                                                  Pothole Maintenance

In the event your vehicle is damaged by a pothole you can file a damage claim through the City Attorney’s office. You can reach that office by calling (804) 646-7940. An investigation will be conducted once your claim is filed. The results of that investigation will determine the outcome and resolution of your claim.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Sidewalk repairs, replacements and installations are done by two DPW divisions, Roadway Maintenance and Capital Projects Management . When the project area is smaller than ½ block (or 1800 square feet) Roadway takes care of it. When it is larger, it becomes a capital project.

If you see a damaged sidewalk that poses a tripping hazard, please report it by call Customer Care at 3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000. You can also enter your request for service online at

Whether brick or concrete, sidewalks provide a safe way for pedestrians making their way to school, work, the corner market or restaurant, neighborhood parks, and many other urban destinations. The condition of City sidewalks often determines how safe and enjoyable those journeys will be.

Brick Sidewalk Repair Concrete Sidewalk Repair People walking on the sidewalk

               Brick Sidewalk Repair                     Concrete Sidewalk Repair                        Sidewalk Maintenance

Snow Removal

Snow Removal and High Priority Thoroughfares

During inclement winter weather, the city must prioritize snow removal from city streets. We begin with the bridges, Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads. Those are the City’s main and busiest thoroughfares. They must be cleared first to make them passable for emergency vehicles and to permit entry and exit into the City.

Once those roads are clear, then we move into residential neighborhoods.

  • Priority 1 & 2 Roads                                                                                   Snow Removal

Contact Information:

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Hours: Monday -Friday
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If you have any questions, please call the City’s Customer Care Center at 3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000

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