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Last Updated: 2021-03-08

Vacuum service ends March 22

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Leaf Collection Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions


  When does the Leaf Collection Program start and end?



  The 2020-2021 Leaf Collection Program will begin October 5 (bagged collection) and November 2 (vacuum
  service), vacuum service requests will not be accepted after March 22.


  What type of bags should be used?



  Preferably biodegradable/compostable plastic bags to keep the leaves and bags
  out of landfills, though all types of bags will be collected.


  Will the city provide bags for residents?



  Periodically there will be bag giveaways, on a first-come first-served basis, in
  which residents will be given up to five (5) biodegradable plastic bags to promote
  environmentally responsible leaf disposal; However, outside of those events,
  residents will be responsible for purchasing bags. Bag distribution locations will be


  How many bags will be collected and when?



  Up to 10 bags will be collected on your trash day, weekly.


  Where should residents place bagged leaves for collection?



  Place them near your supercan, or where your normal trash collection is located,
  even if it's in an alley.


  What if there are so many bags it blocks the alley?



  It is unlawful to block the alley, sidewalk or thoroughfare, so be mindful that the
  number of bags that are put out are in adherence to this law.


  Will elderly or residents with disabilities receive assistance with leaf removal?



  Residents who are physically unable to bag their leaves should go to
  or contact the city's Neighbor-to-Neighbor team at 804-646-6528 to determine
  if they qualify for assistance.


  Where can residents dispose of leaves themselves?



  •   East Richmond Landfill at 3800 East Richmond Road, Richmond, VA 23223
      - Accepts only loose leaves or leaves in biodegradable bags (like paper)
  •   Maury Street Landfill at 2900 Maury Street, Richmond, VA 23224
      - Accepts only loose leaves or leaves in biodegradable bags (like paper)
  •   Transfer Station at 3506 North Hopkins Road, Richmond VA 23224
      - Accepts ALL bagged leaves

Backyard Composting

Though not a city service, DPW does advocate backyard composting as the most efficient and environmentally sound leaf disposal option. Contact the Clean City Commission for details.

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