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Last Updated: 2009-11-15

Police Memorial Ceremony

Sadly, due to COVID-19, the Department cannot hold the annual Police Memorial Ceremony with the families of our fallen officers, members of the Department and guests. Chief William C. Smith, Command Staff, the 121st Recruit Class and Honor Guard gathered to hold a brief, solemn event to remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

COVID-19 Information

The Richmond Police Department has just completed an analysis of data collected over several years by officers that document their interaction with members of the general public; specifically Field Interview Reports (FIRs) and traffic stops which shows a balanced approach to the process.

“What we found when we mapped the data was encouraging because it showed our officers are focusing on areas of the city where crime is occurring,” said Chief William C. Smith. “We hear time again from people living in high-crime areas that they appreciate the attention. Their principle complaint is that they don’t see the officers enough.”

The study looked at thousands of FIRs and traffic stops conducted over several years. It took several months to re-program the Department’s Records Management System (RMS) so reliable data could be collected.

“Luckily, we are in the process of installing a new system that will be much easier to use and be more in tune with our philosophy of community policing – focusing on officer-citizen interactions,” said Chief Smith. “It will take the rest of the year to bring it fully on-line, but the good news is it will have a “public portal” to allow anyone to access and analyze unclassified data.”

Chief Smith plans to create focus-groups of interested citizens to determine how best to create the “public portal.” Meanwhile, the most recent data collected will be added to the Department’s webpage.

“A careful analysis of the data will show that our officers are targeting criminal activity and criminal behavior in areas of the city where crime most often occurs,” said Chief Smith. “What they will not find is any indication that our officers are targeting neighborhoods or individuals based on race or ethnicity.”

Crime in Richmond - By the Numbers

Citywide Weekly Crime Stats/YTD -- Click to view
May 11 - 17, 2020 & YTD

YTD IAD/UOF stats -- Click to view
View Internal Affairs Complaints

IAD Complaints will be posted the first of each month by 9 AM (Unless it is a City Holiday).

RAIDS Online Crime Mapping Website
RAIDS Online Daily Crime Reports

Lock It or Lose It

30th Citizens Police Academy Flier
Richmond Police Department to host 30th Citizen's Police Academy

This FREE Citizens Police Academy is designed to introduce citizens to the RPD, improve relationships with RPD, help participants gain knowledge of police operations, develop stronger advocates and promote safety in the community. Sessions will include, but not be limited to: RPD patrol functions, crime prevention through environmental design, personal safety, hands-on exercises, tours within the Richmond Police Department and so much more.

30th Citizen's Police Academy Application

Prevent Motor Vehicle Theft

Thinking of leaving your car running and unattended - even for a quick minute?

Detective Sergeant Travers maps out why that's a bad idea!

Safe Exchange Zones

Buying, selling or exchanging an item in person from an online source?

Use the Safe Exchange Zones at Second and Fourth precincts. These areas are recorded on video at all times. Second Precinct, 177 E. Belt Boulevard
Fourth Precinct, 2219 Chamberlayne Avenue

Since a video recording can only assist detectives in attempting to identify a suspect after an incident occurs, the public should continue to observe safety precautions. Indeed, a Safe Exchange Zone sign at each location indicates that the Department assumes no responsibility or liability for transactions, damages or injury, nor does the city of Richmond. Due to the varied schedules of precinct officers, the Department cannot guarantee an officer will be on the property at all times.

Recruit Training
RPD Training

Neighbors by Ring - Click for more Information

Neighbors By Ring

The Richmond Police Department has joined the free Neighbors app by Ring to provide citizens of the city with real-time, local crime and safety information.

The Neighbors network already has millions of users and has been instrumental in catching package thieves, stopping burglaries, and keeping neighborhoods safe.

More Information about Neighbors by Ring...

Witness to murder: How one testimony led to the arrest of a killer

Witness to murder: How one testimony led to the arrest of a killer

Diane Winston was struck and killed by a stray bullet meant for someone else in Richmond. One man witnessed the shooting and helped lead police to her killer.

Read the Washington Post story | Watch the video | Read the Richmond Free Press Story

Major Crimes Captain James Laino and Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Learned Barry discuss the recent Washington Post article naming the Richmond Police Department a national leader in homicide clearance rates.

Richmond's Precinct Lineup
1st Precinct
1st Precinct
2nd Precinct
2nd Precinct
3rd Precinct
3rd Precinct
4th Precinct
4th Precinct

Click on your precinct’s photo to view the list and contact information of those representing your neighborhood.

To find your precinct:

  1. Visit Richmond Property Search
  2. Type your address and select your property
  3. Click the services tab. Under “Public Safety” you will find “Police Precinct” and “Police Sector.”

Photos from the Field

Watch Commanders - Photos from the Field - Click to Enlarge...

Photos from the Field

In The News

Love it, lock it or lose it:’ RPD reminds public to lock vehicles after gun stolen

’Love it, lock it or lose it:’
RPD reminds public to lock vehicles after gun stolen

In The News

Citizen’s Police Academy gives residents glimpse into law enforcement

After Svondai Brown lost her godson on Christmas Eve last year, she thought she’d like to become a police officer.

She already had an impressive résumé of philanthropy from volunteering with Project:HOMES, a group that helps elderly Richmond residents with making their homes more accessible, to hosting an annual Easter event in the city. But the loss caused her to see what more she could do in the community.

Continue reading...

Keep Corners Clear

Keep Corners Clear

Parking too close to an intersection is a safety issue - and can result in a ticket. Fourth Precinct Motors Officer Todd Hall explains the safety issue - and introduces the concept of precinct-level Motors units in this quick video. Keep Corners Clear!

View the Video...

Would you like to become an RPD officer?

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How are we doing?

How are we doing?

The Richmond Police Department wants to know your opinion of the services we provide to our citizens. Your views and perception of the Department are very important to us. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your responses will remain anonymous.

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