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Last Updated: 2014-06-01


The goal of the Office on Aging and Persons with Disabilites is to increase access and awareness of programs and services for older adults 55 and older, as well as for persons with physical and sensory disabilites in an effort to promote independent, healthy and safe environments. The program supports aging in place through a well coordinated community base level of services for older adults who choose to remain actve, independent and vital contributors to their communites, and older adults who may need additonal assistance to remain independent. The program is also commited to persons with disabilites, both youth and adults, in ensuring equal access to services and programs that will support independence; as well as support to the caregivers of older adults and persons with disabilites.


  • Senior Help Line ‐ The help line (804.646.1082) designed to assist older adults in their quest for services within city departments, as well as services with outside agencies
  • Home Visitaton
  • Community Outreach
  • Aging and Disabilites Advisory Board
  • Inter‐generatonal Programs
  • Well‐Being Checks/Cooling Program
  • Centenarian Celebraton
  • Veterans and Family Resource Fair
  • Senior Friendly Visitor’s Volunteer Program
  • Seniors Engaged in Actve Lifestyles (S.E.A.L.) Programs

Contact Information:

Human Services
Office on Aging &
Persons with Disabilities
701 North 25th Street
2nd Floor
Richmond, VA
23223-6539 USA
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Phone: (804) 646-1082

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