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N2N’s 3x3 Service Strategy


N2N has developed its 3x3 Service Plan as a collaborative methodology that leverages volunteerism by City employees for the purpose of helping to achieve Mayor Stoney’s goal of building One Richmond. In accordance with the City’s employee paid volunteer policy, the 3x3 service strategy allows City employees to volunteer alongside community residents and stakeholders in various impact projects.

Governing N2N’s 3x3 Service strategy are key factors such as purposeful stewardship, relevance, measurability, effectiveness. The ideal goal is to have each department engage a minimum of 10% of their staff on a monthly service project(s). Service projects will be served in specific Council Districts throughout the year, giving employees and opportunity to serve in areas of the city that they might not otherwise ever visit – giving them a deeper appreciation of the work the City is aiming to accomplish in each community. Each department’s 3x3 Service Plans will consist of:

  • 3 Nationally-themed Service Projects
  • 3 City Council inspired Service Projects
  • 3 Community-Based Organizations’ (CBO*) Service Projects

*[Qualifying CBO’s are Civic Associations, nonprofit and faith-based organizations having missions and/or programs that align with the City’s goals]

Projects will align with either the City Strategic Priorities and/or the Human Services Workplan

City Strategic Priorities

  1. Unique and Inclusive Neighborhoods
  2. Community Safety and Well-Being
  3. Education & Workforce Development
  4. Economic Development
  5. Transportation Infrastructure
  6. Well-Managed Government
  7. Sustainability & Natural Environment

Human Services Workplan

  1. All children enter school ready to learn (Ages 0-5)
  2. Children & youth succeed in school (Ages 5-18)
  3. Children live in healthy, safe, and supportive families
  4. Youth make successful transition to adulthood
  5. Youth choose healthy behaviors
  6. All residents have access to quality health care
  7. Families live in healthy, safe & supportive communities
  8. Residents have opportunities for life-long learning
  9. All families are economically self-sufficient
  10. Elders & persons with disabilities are valued and live with dignity & independence


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