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Last Updated: 2018-09-19

iSpeak Richmond
is the City’s initiative and official portal for promoting information on how to access tools, services and resources in English and in other languages. The City of Richmond is committed to implement and ensure meaningful, affirmative, inclusive and purposeful access to City services to persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). We invite you to navigate this portal, where you will find information, tools and relevant resources about this initiative.

iSpeak Richmond Tools:

For City Employees:

  • iSpeak Richmond Card Over-the-phone Interpretation Services

For City Employees and City Residents:

  • iSpeak Richmond Language Identification Guide

  • iSpeak Richmond Card (Spa)








Language Access Coordinator

Contact Information:

 P: 804-646-0145

 F: 804-646-8872

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Contact Information:

4100 Hull Street Road
Richmond, VA
23224 USA Map It
Phone: (804) 646-0145
Fax: (804) 646-8872

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