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Last Updated: 2016-04-05

Enabling Legislation: 9.1-178

Each county or city or combination thereof developing and establishing a local pretrial services or a community-based probation program pursuant to this article shall establish a community criminal justice board. Each county and city participating in a local pretrial services or a community-based probation program shall be represented on the community criminal justice board. In the event that one county or city appropriates funds to the program as part of a multi-jurisdictional effort, any other participating county or city shall be considered to be participating in a program of such locality appropriates funds to the program.

Appointments to the board shall be made by each local governing body. In cases of multi-jurisdictional participation, unless otherwise agreed upon, each participating city or county shall have an equal number of appointments. Boards shall be composed of the number of members established by a resolution or ordinance of each participating jurisdiction.

Each board shall include, at a minimum, the following members: a person appointed by each governing body to represent the governing body; a judge of the general district court; a circuit court judge; a juvenile and domestic relations district court judge; a chief magistrate; one chief of police or the sheriff in a jurisdiction not served by a police department to represent law enforcement; an attorney for the Commonwealth; a public defender or an attorney who is experienced in the defense of criminal matters; a sheriff or the regional jail administrator responsible for jails serving those jurisdictions involved in the pretrial services and community-based probation program; a local education; and a community services board administrator.


The purpose of the Richmond Community Criminal Justice Board (RCCJB) is:

  • To allow the City Council of the City of Richmond greater flexibility and involvement in responding to the problem of crime in the City;
  • To provide more effective protection to the citizens of the city of Richmond;
  • To promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of community criminal justice;
  • To permit the City of Richmond through this Board, to establish policies that structure programs which will assist judicial officers in discharging their duties and meet the needs of selected adult offenders; and
  • To approve funding sources that support programs engaging in pre - and post-trial services for more information, please call (804)646-2966.

The Richmond Community Criminal Justice Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every other month from 3:00-4:00 p.m. at 730 East Broad Street in the lower level conference room.  Meetings begin in January of each year.  The exceptions to this meeting schedule are the May meeting which will be held May 20th and the November meeting to be held November 18th.  For more information please call (804)646-3486.

Contact Information:

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