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Performance Evaluation

To begin the performance evaluation cycle, a performance planning session is set. This session allows the supervisor (the Rater) and employees to meet and discuss performance expectations, the two elements - the Employee Work Plan goals and the Evaluation Factors. The supervisor's supervisor, the Reviewer, also discusses goals that are being set. The employee is provided with and signs a copy of the performance expectations.

The cycle typically runs in conjunction with the city's fiscal calendar, from July 1 through June 30.

You can refer to Administrative Regulation 5.7 on the Performance Evaluation System and you can also call your Agency Human Resources Liaison for further information.

What is the Employee Work Plan?

The Employee Work Plan is the element of the performance evaluation that defines what the employee should accomplish to meet the performance expectations. This work plan is linked to division objectives and department goals.

What are Evaluation Factors?

The Evaluation Factors identify how an employee performs the work to meet the work plan goals. They are: knowledge of the job, work product quality, problem solving, teamwork, responsibility, flexibility, customer service, compliance with city policies and legal standards, safety, attendance and accomplishments.

What if goals change during the performance evaluation cycle?

Goals can be rewritten on an exception basis, usually as the result of something beyond the control of the employee, supervisor, department or the city or of the department's/city's business needs have truly changed and if it's not too far into the performance evaluation period. Performance expectations are not lowered simply because an employee is not performing well.

Who signs off on an employee's work plan goals and core behavior expectations and who signs off on the final performance evaluation rating?

The employee's immediate supervisor (the Rater) and the employee's supervisor's supervisor (the Reviewer) sign off on the performance expectations at the beginning of the evaluation cycle and the final performance evaluation.

How often does an employee's performance get evaluated?

Employees receive an Interim Performance Evaluation approximately halfway through the performance evaluation cycle. At the end of the performance evaluation cycle, they receive an annual performance evaluation rating and meet with their supervisor to discuss the performance evaluation.

What are the Performance Evaluation ratings?

  • Below Standards (unsatisfactory)
  • Meets Standards
  • Exceeds Standards
  • Exceptional

What if I disagree with my overall final performance evaluation rating?

If you disagree with your overall performance evaluation rating, you may attach a written rebuttal within 10 calendar days and submit to the Appointing Authority (the Director/Agency Head) for final determination. Disagreement with an evaluation rating is not a grievable issue. See Administrative Regulation 5.7 on the city's Performance Evaluation System.


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