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Last Updated: 2018-06-25

Policies and regulations for City of Richmond employees are documented in two publications: Administrative Regulations and Personnel Rules for Classified Employees.

Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations are policies and procedures maintained by Human Resources with the guidance of the City Attorney's Office and approved by the mayor. Additionally, Administrative Regulations include policies that have a general application to all City of Richmond departments, agencies and employees.

Personnel Rules for Classified Employees

Personnel Rules for Classified Employees are regulations adopted by City Council to promote the development and maintenance of quality public service for the City of Richmond through a coordinated system of human resource administration. Additionally, Personnel Rules provide guidance to management in the administration of personnel matters.

Employee Relations

The city of Richmond strives to offer all employees a safe, productive and comfortable workplace. Employees are encouraged to communicate with their supervisors and co-workers to ensure that the workplace will be comfortable for all.

When additional support is needed in working with supervisors or other employees, staff members of the Human Resources Department are available to answer employee questions about policies and procedures and to assist in situations where conflicts or differences arise.

The goal of the Employee Relations Program is to provide timely and comprehensive consultation, investigation, and resolution of grievances, disciplinary actions, and complaints to the organization so that actions comply with laws, regulations and policies.

The city of Richmond has a Personnel Board that hears grievances for classified employees.

The city's Personnel Rules and Administrative Regulations provide excellent guidance for supervisors in dealing with many employee issues. Additional resources are available by contacting the HR Solutions Center.

When differences between co-workers cannot be resolved, the city's Mediation Program or Dispute Resolution Process may be utilized. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and non-adversarial method of settling disputes in which a neutral party assists the parties in negotiating a mutually beneficial and agreeable settlement.

The city recognizes the impact personal problems may have on an employee's work performance, attendance and conduct. In order to provide assistance with these problems, the city offers professional counseling services through a contracted Employee Assistance Program (REAP). This service is available to all family members, as well as employees.

The REAP program is available to help those who are experiencing difficulties with work, family, finances or other areas of their lives. Employees may be referred through their agency or they may utilize the employee assistance services voluntarily. REAP can be reached by phone at (804)270-1550 or (800)223-2515.

For other questions regarding these programs, please contact the HR Solutions Center at (804)646-5660.

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