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Last Updated: 2019-10-29

With over 4,000 employees, the city of Richmond is an "Employer of Choice" among cities throughout the nation. The city strives to hire and retain employees who bring dedication and talent to the workforce. Offering a competitive, cost-effective, and quality, benefits package is one element of an "Employer of Choice".

2019 Benefits Handbook

2020 Benefits Handbook

Employee Benefits

Probationary Employees Tenured Employees
(Receive all the benefits of probationary employees in addition to the following)
Temporary Employees
Holidays Holidays
Vacation Leave (prorated if part time) Grievance Rights
Sick Leave (prorated if part time) Family Medical Leave (after 1250 hours of service) Sick Leave (prorated if part time)
Civil Leave Civil Leave
Military Leave Military Leave
Funeral Leave Funeral Leave
Group Life Insurance (mandatory, full-time employees only) Educational Leave
All Voluntary Benefits (if employed 20 or more hours per week)
Shared Leave (after 12 consecutive months of employment)
Voluntary Benefits
Health Insurance Personal Accident Expense Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Personal Hospital Indemnity Deferred Compensation Program
Long Term Care Personal Short Term Disability Deferred Compensation Loan Program
Savings Bonds Program Medical Reimbursement Account Optional Life Insurance (full time only)
Legal Resources Benefit Credit Union Membership Tuition Assistance Program
Cancer Expense Plan Employee/Family Assistance Programs Employee Wellness Fitness Program

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Health Plan

The city of Richmond offers health care coverage to eligible employees through CIGNA. These health care plans are considered Open Access Plus products and no referrals are needed under both plans.

Please review the CIGNA Healthcare Booklets below, which outline the benefits provided under each plan in more details.

When you choose in-network providers, your costs are lower. However, if you use providers who are not in-network, you will pay a larger share of the cost.

Each plan provides coverage for medical, hospitalization, prescription drugs, vision, behavioral health, wellness services, and a national network. However, networks are not guaranteed and may change during the contract year.

Vision Plan

The city's vision care plan provides coverage for regular eye exams, lenses and frames are also provided through our medical contract with CIGNA. The Vision Plan is part of CIGNA Medical Plan and is provided at no additional cost to you.

Through CIGNA, you and your eligible family members pay a co-payment for covered services when received by participating doctors or you can be reimbursed up to coverage limits for any covered services received by non-participating doctors by submitting a claim form.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Prescription drug coverage is offered as part of your medical plan coverage with CIGNA at no additional premium cost to you. You and your covered family members pay co-payments at the time of purchase for generic, brand, and non-preferred brand medications.

The city's plan has cost incentives in place for you to use plan features such as generic drugs and the mail order option for longer-term "maintenance" drugs. Using the mail-order service and generic drugs (when available) costs you less per prescription and also saves the city money, which helps keep our overall benefits costs down. For more information on the prescription drug plan, you can go to the "Pharmacy" tab on or call 1-800-835-3784.

Tuition Assistance Program

The city values continuing education and considers it a vital part of employee development. The Tuition Assistance Program encourages a qualified person to remain in city services; to aid in attracting desirable new employees; to improve the quality of leadership in city Operations; and encourages continued training and education for potential advancement in city services. Details of eligibility, conditions and limitations of reimbursement and application procedures are found in A.R. 7.6.

Additional information and application forms for the Tuition Assistance Program can be obtained by contacting through email or by reaching us at (804)646-5660.

Group Life Insurance

Full time permanent employees are covered for twice their annual salary rounded to the higher thousand dollars. In the event of accidental death, coverage is for four times the employee's annual salary. In the event of dismemberment as defined in the policy, coverage is an amount equal to the annual salary. This plan is mandatory and the city pays a portion of the cost. Deductions are processed on an after tax basis the second pay period of each month. The plan is administered by the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and underwritten by the Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

Employees with basic group life insurance coverage are also eligible to purchase additional life insurance coverage for themselves, their spouse, and dependent children through the Optional Group Life Insurance Plan.

Optional Group Life Insurance

The VRS optional group life insurance provider is Minnesota Life. Members who are covered for basic group life insurance may purchase optional group life insurance coverage in an amount equal to one, two, three, or four times salary, not to exceed $500,000. Members are responsible for paying the premiums for optional life insurance coverage through payroll deductions.

Participants must buy this coverage within 30 days of date of hire. Spouses may be added to the optional life insurance program within 30 days of marriage. Participants may add a newborn within 30 days of the date of birth.

If a participant does not purchase optional coverage as a new employee and later requests coverage, each family member to be covered must complete a health status declaration. Based on this information, Minnesota Life will decide whether or not to issue a policy.

The additional coverage ceases upon service termination (conversion option available) and upon retirement. Participants may continue coverage after retirement by applying within 30 days with the VRS.

Legal Resources

Legal Resources is an employee benefit that provides high-quality legal services to our members.

With Legal Resources, you get comprehensive legal coverage on a broad range of services for an affordable low monthly rate. There are no co-pays and the cost of the plan does not change, no matter how often you use it. The most often needed legal services are covered at 100%. You, your spouse, and qualifying dependents pay no attorney fees when using these services.

Members have access to a network of top-rated, full services law firms locally and nationwide.

Deferred Compensation Plan

A Deferred Compensation plan is a plan that allows you to invest today for your retirement. Federal and (in most cases) state income taxes are deferred until your funds are withdrawn, usually during retirement when you may be in a lower tax bracket.

Government employees are regulated under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code. Private employers have Section 401(K) programs.

All full-time employees may join the plan upon date of hire. Deferrals will begin on the earliest payday following receipt of the enrollment form in the Retirement Office based on payroll closing deadlines.

The annual maximum contribution may increase each year. You may contribute up to the annual maximum. If you are age 50 or older, you may contribute an additional "catch up" amount.

There are many investment funds available to you. The vendor also sets up different portfolios of funds to assist you.

More details about the funds, earnings rates, investment fees and risk factors are available in the brochures and at

You may change your deferral amount (increase, decrease, start or stop) by completing a change form. You may change your investments/allocations directly with the vendor by telephone or Internet. Some restrictions may apply when transferring between funds.

Please contact ICMC-RC for information on emergency withdrawals or loans.

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