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Administrative Regulations

The Administrative Regulations consolidate policies and procedures that have a general application or interest to all city departments, agencies and employees. Human Resources is responsible for the update, revision, amendment and periodic review of the Administrative Regulations. The City Attorney's Office reviews them for legal appropriateness and application. The Mayor is responsible for reviewing and approving the Administrative Regulations.

Substance Abuse Policy

The goal of the city of Richmond is to establish and maintain a safe and healthy workplace that is free from alcohol abuse and illegal drug use for its employees and to protect the safety of its citizens by providing the highest quality of services. To that end, the city is committed to a policy of non-tolerance for its applicants and employees to be free from alcohol abuse and illegal drug use.

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the detection of alcohol abuse and illegal drug use within the workplace.


Administrative Regulations


Section I: General Regulations

Section II: Technology Regulations

Section III: Ordinance & Code Enforcement Regulations

Section IV: Employment Administration Regulations

Section V: Employment Practices - Regulations

Section VI: Vehicle & Travel Regulations

Section VII: Miscellaneous

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