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Last Updated: 2010-06-11

  • Virginia Workers’ Compensation Acknowledgement of Compliance

    Effective in 2017, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has changed procedures for contractors certifying compliance with the Code of Virginia §58.1-3714 and §58.1-3715 which are necessary prior to obtaining a local business license. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission will issue a compliance acknowledgement number that must be provided to the business licensing authority when applying for or renewing a local business license. To obtain a Workers’ Compensation compliance acknowledgement number you may apply for the number at and follow these easy steps:

    • Complete the online Contractor’s Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Form 61A.
    • Submit the form online, print, save, or download the acknowledgement of compliance.
    • Provide a copy of the compliance acknowledgement number to the City of Richmond, Business Unit, room 103 when applying for or renewing the Business License.

    The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission will continue to accept paper filings which will be handled manually and the acknowledgement will be returned to you by mail. If you have questions regarding this change in procedure or the requirements of the commission, you may contact the Virginia Workers Compensation insurance Department at or (804) 205-3586.

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