Last Updated: 2010-06-02

How To Reach Us

We welcome all comments and suggestions. Please let us know how we are doing and how we can improve the services that we provide.

Mail comments to:

Finance Department
900 E. Broad St., Room 103
Richmond, VA 23219

Mail payments to:

Finance Department
P.O. Box 26505
Richmond, VA 23261-6505

Customer Service(804)646-5700
Director's Office(804)646-5829
Accounts Payable(804)646-5658
Assessment of Real Estate(804)646-5600
Assessor (Records)(804)646-5600
Business Licenses(804)646-5700
Citizen's Assistance(804)646-7000
Dog Licenses(804)646-5700
East District Initiative(804)646-4599
Fan Parking Decal(804)646-5700
License, Assessment & Tax Audit Division(804)646-5700
Parking Enforcement(804)649-7718
Parking Tickets(804)646-5700
Real Estate Payments(804)646-5700
Revenue Administration(804)646-5700
Risk Management(804)646-5617
Tax Assistance (804)646-5700
Tax Enforcement(804)646-5700
Taxes (personal property, real estate)(804)646-5700
Tow Lot (804)233-5757
Towed Vehicles(804)646-6716
Treasurer's Office (804)646-6474
Vendor License (Indoor)(804)646-5700
Vendor License (Sidewalk)(804)646-5928
Zoning/Planning and Development Review(804)646-6340

Outside Agencies

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles(804)367-0538
State Department of Taxation(804)367-8031
Henrico County, Department of Finance(804)501-5580
Chesterfield County, Commissioner of the Revenue(804)748-1281

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