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Last Updated: 2018-05-02

New ALM Online Payment Option


On or before the 20th of the month for the Admissions, Lodging and Meals taxes collected for the prior month


At the top or bottom of this page or on the home page of this website, select Online Services and click on Admissions, Lodging and Meals Tax Payments.


You can make these online payments by e-check or by credit card (Master Card and Visa Only).

When is the payment credited to my account?

Payments remitted online by 11:59 p.m. will be credited on the date of payment. Payments made at 12:00 a.m. or later will be credited the next business day.

Is there a charge for this service?

There is a $1.50 transaction fee for each payment made online. Also, for credit card payments there is a 2.5% convenience fee in addition to the total tax and transaction fees charged.

Can payments still be made using the paper coupons?

Yes. Payments made using the coupons must be postmarked on the due date of the payment to be considered on time. The online payment option provides you the ability to make the payment 24/7 and at your convenience. Payments remitted online by 11:59 p.m. of the due date will be considered as “on time”.

Need assistance with making your online payment?


Call (804) 646-7000 or send an email to

Click here to make an online payment of Admissions, Lodging or Meals Taxes now.

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