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Adoptions are scheduled by appointment only - please email to meet our pets
We value your health and safety and want to limit the spread of COVID-19 -- Thank you for your incredible support.


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RACC receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets as well as animals that are lost or abandoned. We are looking for people who are willing to provide permanent, loving homes for these animals.


All animals that are available for adoption have passed an evaluation based on their known history, health and temperament. Animals remain available at our shelter as long as their good health and behavior continue. While our goal is to find permanent, loving homes as quickly as possible, no animal will be euthanized based on the amount of time they spend with us.

Adoption Policies

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal.
  • A current photo ID (driver’s license or state ID card) is required to process an adoption.
  • Proper form of payment (cash, credit/debit card, money order). Checks are not an accepted form of payment.
  • A carrier for your adopted kitty or a leash and collar for your adopted dog is required.
  • All of our animals will be spayed/neutered prior to going home.
  • RACC reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Adoption Procedure

You are welcome to visit the shelter any time during regular adoption hours to view the animals that are available for adoption. We have more than 100 animals available for adoption on any given day. New animals are put in the adoption areas daily. If you are looking for a particular type or breed of animal, please check this website frequently.


Once you have found an animal that you are interested in adopting, contact a volunteer or staff person about visiting with the pet. RACC has private visitation rooms where you and the animal can get acquainted. To ensure the pet chosen is compatible with everyone, all household/family members should interact with the animal before the adoption is finalized. RACC does require you to bring in any dogs you currently own if you are adopting an adult dog from us. We have trained staff that can help make the best match for you and your dog.


To begin the adoption process, all adopters must complete an Adoption Application form. We use an application and interview process to ensure that each animal adopted will be matched to the most compatible new owner. Our adoption staff will review with you any medical or behavioral information relevant to that animal, explain policies and services available to adopters, and collect adoption fees. Please note that all adoptions and holds must be processed in person at the shelter.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for all animals is $100. Adoption fee includes spay or neuter procedure, age-appropriate vaccinations, flea/tick treatment while in shelter, Heartworm/FIV test, microchip and a packet of valuable discount coupons and special offers!


All cats/kittens adoptions include the option for a fee waived adoption. Cats/kittens do better in pairs and we encourage the adoption of two cats/kittens for one adoption price.


All City of Richmond residents will be required to purchase city tags for any cat or dog during adoption for a fee of $10 per pet.


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Contact Information:

Animal Care & Control
City of Richmond
    Shelter Closed - Calls only

1600 Chamberlayne Ave.
Richmond, VA 23222 USA

Phone:  (804)646-5573

Fax:      (804)646-5586

    Animal Control Officer

RACC Wishlist!
Blankets & towels,
Cat & Dog beds,
Meat flavored baby food
  (for kittens),
Canned kitten & cat food
  (any brand),
English slip leads,
Crates (all sizes).

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